Welcome and thanks for coming to my site!

I am a Biologist who graduated from Texas Tech University and have an undying love for the Burmese python. I have always studied as much as I could about vertebrates and vertebrate evolution and I have always had a passion for studying reptiles and keeping snakes.  I have kept all different sizes and species from all the continents where they are found but I truly love working with the Burmese python.  I started keeping Burmese pythons in 1989 and bred my first pair of Burms back in 1993.  Since then, I have maintained a passion for them throughout the years and they have become my life's work. My collection has grown as new morphs have become available an I am always trying to produce something new and exciting!

My interest in genetics and my desire to create new and exciting morphs of these magnificent animals has always kept this hobby exciting for me.

Take a look around and please contact me if you have any questions about anything that you see.  I am always ready to talk about the magnificent Burmese python.

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